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Pace Scholarship Organization

PACE is Providing Assistance and Choice in Education.

We appreciate your interest and encourage your participation in this exciting opportunity. PACE Scholarship Organization was formed for the express purpose of assisting parents in their endeavor to find financial resources for education. PACE is committed to supporting schools that maintain excellence in moral character and academics in their efforts to educate tomorrow’s leaders.

If you are a parent, we invite you to use our website to learn how you can apply for a scholarship for your child to attend one of PACE Scholarship Organization’s Partner Schools that will best serve your family’s educational needs.

Pace Scholarship Organization

If you are an individual or the representative of a corporation, we hope that you will use our website to learn more about the importance of school choice and about how to make a donation that will qualify for a tax credit that can be applied against your Georgia income tax liability.

We invite all of you — parents and interested donors — to join us in this important undertaking. Together, by facilitating school choice, we can help thousands of parents succeed as the first and most important educators of their children.

Pace Scholarship Organization

Would You Consider Donating To PACE?

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of low-income children in Georgia? We encourage you to donate to PACE, one of the Peach State’s premier Student Scholarship Organizations. Together, we can achieve our shared goal of improving education for all of the children in our great state.

PACE Scholarship Organization Donor Authorization Form

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