Information for Parents

For Parents

The PACE Scholarship Organization provides tuition scholarships to children who desire to attend private K-12 schools. Only students who are Georgia residents enrolled in a Georgia secondary or primary public school or who are eligible to enroll in a qualified kindergarten program or pre-kindergarten program can receive PACE Scholarships. When making the application to a participating school for receipt of a PACE Scholarship, families must provide proof of eligibility.

PACE Scholarship Organization does not accept applications directly from parents or guardians. Instead, it is up to one of our PACE participating schools to recommend a student to receive a PACE Scholarship. Thus, parents or guardians should contact one of our participating schools to apply for admission to the school and to inquire whether their children would be eligible to receive a PACE Scholarship. It is up to the private school to furnish the PACE Scholarship Application Form. Completed applications will be submitted to the PACE Scholarship Organization. PACE will review each application carefully and will rely on, as needed, on the financial recommendations provided by the member school.

Under Georgia law, there are no limits on the amount of scholarships that can be awarded to eligible students. Also, there are no limits on the household income of the families receiving scholarships. Thus, PACE Scholarship Organization officials will consider all reasonable scholarship recommendations submitted by our participating schools.